MIND MGMT v1 (Dark Horse)


Rating: 4.5/5 – A mix of Lost, conspiracy theory, and original ideas lead to a fantastic first outing
Collecting issues #0-6

There is no mistaking why Matt Kindt chose to have Damon Lindelof write the forward to this volume of MIND MGMT.  Outside of the connection with Flight 815, it takes you down the rabbit hole of never knowing what will come at each page turn.  This is the first volume of Matt Kindt’s debut series from Dark Horse, MIND MGMT.  Matt Kindt is best known for his single volume of graphic novels that range in theme from spy stories to time travel which has gained him great notoriety amongst independent comic fans.  With those in mind Dark Horse gave him the go ahead to start his first series which mainly deals with a top secret government agency known as MIND MGMT.

As an artist, Matt Kindt sticks very closely to a nine panel grid while telling his stories with bits of information around the sides of the page.  The information that he provides is the field guide for the MIND MGMT agents, which gives the reader clues as to how the agents are supposed to act while in the field.   If you are familiar with the artist’s artwork then you are in for no surprises as he does nothing to drastically change his style from his previous graphic novels.  I am not saying that this is a bad thing as it fits the story, but if you were not fan of his art previously it is not going to change here.  His writing as always is tight and does a great job at not only world building, but moving the story forward with each issue.  I can also say that I am glad to have read this series in a collected format which allowed me to and find the bread crumbs the author leaves as I moved forward in the series.

The basic plot of this series is we meet our protagonist Mera.  She is a real crime author looking for the next topic.  Through the news she is reminded of Flight 825, in which all the passengers have lost their memory and one passenger has gone missing from one year ago.  She decides that this will be the topic of her next book.  Through investigating this flight she taken on a whirlwind journey that leads her to learn about MIND MGMT, a secret government agency in which people with specific talents can manipulate the public’s thoughts and minds.  They are identified at an early age and are trained to learn their abilities.  You learn about the different types of agents that existed within the universe after each issue the author has provided a case file showing us a back story to each agent and their ability.   Whether it is the mind reader or the graphic artist that can change public opinion each provides the reader with a different perspective on the world and builds it even more.

To give away any more of the plot would spoil the ride that the author wants to take you on and I will not do that to you.  As far as the quality of the trade itself is great, a think 196 page hardcover that will look great on any bookshelf.  Matt Kindt is quickly on the rise of following the steps of Jeff Lemire in being the independent creator that has hit main stream popularity.  This series is one of the best that I have read in recent memory and cannot wait to get my hands the second volume solicited this month.

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