Kill All Monsters v1 (Alterna)

Kill All Monsters Cover

Rating: 4/5 – Let’s Get Ready to Ruuuuuuuuuummmmmmble!

Kill All Monsters, which began as a webcomic, brings together two concepts that go together like peanut butter and jelly – mechs and monsters.  With the popularity of Pacific Rim still making its way through theaters this is a timely release for the book.  Kill All Monsters volume 1: Ruins of Paris is written by Michael May, who some may be familiar with as a contributor to the blog, Robot 6, on Comic Book Resources.  Jason Copland illustrates the book while Ed Brisson is the letterer.  Kill All Robots is in black and white and Copland’s style has a grittiness to it that seems perfectly matched to the environment and large scale battles within the book.

The creative team throws the reader right into the action from the opening page as the monster kill team is in Paris engaged in battle.  Page after page of action packed panels culminate in a finishing move of epic proportions as the Eiffel Tower is creatively used to take down the last monster.  By being thrust into the thick of things, you are playing catch-up with the characters and world the book is set in.  Information is revealed little by little but in the end, if I had one complaint, I would have liked to have learned a little more about our main characters.

Kill All Monsters is set in a post-apocalyptic world where animals have mutated and giant monsters roam the land.  The main characters who pilot the mechs end up spending more time in Paris after their battle than expected.  This leads to some interesting story developments that I am excited to see play out.

Kill All Monsters provides unique and varying mech designs which I think is one of its strengths.  Each robot that Copland has brought to life is different from the next and I can’t wait to see their abilities explored in future battles.  Additionally, with some of the other character designs, I couldn’t help but get a Kamandi feel from Kill All Monsters as the team runs into all sorts of mutated beast that call Paris home.

Kill All Monsters is two books in one.  It provides a visceral experience from the over-the-top battles between monster and mech at the same time weaving deeper plot points that leaving you thinking and wondering where the story will go.  I enjoyed Kill All Monsters volume 1: Ruins of Paris and am looking forward to seeing those plot points developed further…and more mech vs monster battles.  You can never have too much of those.

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