MEGAGOGO Vol. 1 – The Re-Up (Oni Press)


Rating: 4/5 – Fun Read With a Strong Sense of Character and Movement.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Stephen Bretall.

A group of heroes with a giant robot used to defend their city, but they disbanded long ago. Now a new threat causes them to band together once again to to face new threats and the troubles of their past.  The story and characters are fairly predictable, but given that it’s an homage to classic giant robot/Super Sentai stories, it’s forgivable.  My favorite part of MEGAGOGO is the art by writer/artist Wook Jin Clark.  Black and white with a sort of loose quality to it that nonetheless conveys a strong sense of character and movement.  Clark isn’t afraid to take as much space as he needs to give big splash images the space they need to shine.

The story manages to convey a sense of fun and adventure, and really, that’s why you’d read such a comic. Still, the attempts at mixing in heavier themes with the cartoony action didn’t work as well as it could have for me, but the story still managed to do what it wants to do, which is provide an avenue for the characters to show off their personalities and get into some fun Super Sentai type action.

MEGAGOGO is a great read for fans of Super Sentai (Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, etc.) and giant robot type shows/animation.  This comic reads a lot more like a cartoon than most comics I’ve read, which is a good thing for what it is. Those looking for a serious/deep story should look elsewhere, but really, not every comic needs to completely innovative, sometime it’s great to target “fun to read”.

Reviewed by: Stephen Bretall
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