Worth GN (Roddenberry/Arcana)

CREDIT: Roddenberry Entertainment

Rating: 4/5 – It’s Worth Your Time to Check This Out.
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

Look at the cover of the Worth GN and you see Grant Worth surfing the hood of his muscle car and an expectation is set for what this book is going to be.  Then pull your focus out a bit and notice the condition of the magazine and the hands holding it.  Grant Worth is a mechanopath, he can communicate and control machines.  In the late 1960s Worth was Detroit’s local hero, kicking butt, talking to machines and enjoying the adulation of the masses.  Writer Aubrey Sitterson could have run with that and told a story that was a heroic period piece but it was his choice to jump forward to 2013 and tell us what happens AFTER (45 years after, as it turns out) that made this worth reading for me.

The problem is that Worth’s mechanopathy works great with straight mechanical devices but he doesn’t communicate very good with computers.  Sitterson does a nice job showing how the world has changed over those 45 years with computers in almost everything today and how that has had a profound effect on Worth’s life.  The details of exactly how profound an effect are best left to the story, I won’t spoil it for you, but this is a wonderful character study of a truly tragic hero and ultimately a chain of events that will lead to his redemption.  The motivations of the main villain are a little weak, in my opinion, but that’s really the only gripe I had and it didn’t stand in the way of my enjoyment of the story.

Chris Moreno’s art helped move the story along and did a good job at panel-to-panel storytelling.  The backgrounds were a bit sparse, more detail would have made the environments feel more grounded to me, but Moreno made up for that with his portrayal of the characters in the foreground.  Moreno has a simple but clean style and his lively, spirited facial expressions brought the characters to life for me.  I was getting a definite Ron Frenz/Sal Buscema vibe from his character portrayals.

You can pick up this story in 5 digital installments (the first installment is free) from Comixology or as a collected edition in hardcover from the Roddenberry website.  I really enjoyed Worth and it’s definitely worth your time to grab that 1st chapter for free and see if you like the story yourself.  Sitterson and Moreno have created characters and a world here that could easily be revisited for future stories.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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