Todd: The Ugliest Kid On Earth Vol. 2 (Image)


Rating: 4/5 – Terrible People Make Solid Entertainment.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Stephen Bretall.

Todd: The Ugliest Kid on Earth tells the story of Todd, a kid so ugly he must wear a bag on his head (we never see him without the bag, but our imagination is better than any artwork).  Todd attempts to live a happy and innocent life despite the best efforts to the contrary by his terrible parents, school bullies, corrupt cops, Charlie Rose, and even Hell itself.

This is a hilarious comic, the main source of the humor coming not so much from Todd himself but the absolutely awful people surrounding him. With the exception of Todd himself, almost no one in Todd’s world is even remotely a decent person. This, of course, leads to plenty of humor both in the form of actual jokes and pop culture references.  These references are more prevalent in this volume than in the first, especially helped by a trip to comic con and having PBS ‘personality’ Charlie Rose play a major role in this story arc.  That said, most of the comedy comes simply from seeing how terrible everyone is while the ugly kid is a shining beacon of decency in a sea of human detritus.

M.K. Perker’s art style works perfectly for conveying the universe, the exaggeration of facial expression and body language are great at displaying the humor inherent in many of Ken Kristensen’s story points without being too over-the-top, they display a somewhat grungy stylized world. Though some of the situations sort of dragged on, the humor hit home for me most of the time. The last issue of the arc wrapped up kind of quickly and it had a rushed feeling tieing up all the loose ends like the series had been cut short and had to be wrapped up in one issue less than would have been ideal.  Overall though, Todd is a solidly enjoyable read and definitely a comic to pick up, especially for fans of an alt-comics humor feel.

Reviewed by: Stephen Bretall
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4 Responses to Todd: The Ugliest Kid On Earth Vol. 2 (Image)

  1. bobbyelhans says:

    An interesting concept – but a tricky one too. An ugly kid is always someone else…or someone else’s…

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