Wonder Woman: The Complete Newspaper Strip 1944-1945 (DC / IDW)


CREDIT: DC Comics / IDW Publishing

Rating: 5/5 – Nearly Perfect With Amazing Art!
by ComicSpectrum reviewer David Akers.

Back in the mid-1940s, shortly after her first appearance in comic books, Wonder Woman was given a newspaper strip. Though it was short-lived, it brought the style and sensibility of her comic book to a daily comic strip. Now, thanks to IDW, the entire run has been collected in a beautiful volume and made part of their “Library of American Comics” line.

We all know the story (the original story). There’s an island of Amazons, and their queen makes a baby out of clay that is given life by the gods. One day, a plane crashes nearby, and a contest is held to decide who will take the crash’s survivor back to “Man’s World”. We follow Wonder Woman’s adventures, fighting against traitors, the Cheetah, and a scheming band leader. Along the way we learn that men are the cause of all that’s wrong with the world.

The strip itself was beautifully drawn by original comic artist H. G. Peter, who has a classic 1940s style. It’s slightly cartoonish, but that style is perfect for the type of stories that William Moulton Marston liked to write. The stories were a bit of a surprise, often depicting women in their lingerie, which I didn’t expect from a story from the ’40s. It was also a regular feature that someone, often Wonder Woman, was in some form of bondage, though that was less of a surprise given Marston’s personal life.

The collected edition is nearly perfect, putting three strips to a page.  Happily, even though they were written to be read one per day, they read perfectly well in collected form, even if they occasionally repeat or recap the previous day’s strip. One might occasionally notice a slight difference in the printing quality from one strip to the next, but it doesn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the book. The stories are fun, the art is great, and this volume gets my highest recommendation.

Reviewed by: David Akers
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